NFA 2021

The 2021 NFA conference will be held virtually, September 16-18 (Thursday-Saturday), 2021.

It will be hosted by the School of Accounting and Finance at the University of Waterloo.

Blake Phillips and James Thompson are serving as program co-chairs.

Registration is now open!

To register for the conference, login to the NFA member portal, then select “Conference Registration”.

NFA Mandate

The mandate of the NFA is to provide high-quality academic finance conferences for Canadians and their friends and colleagues from abroad.

Broader Participation

Previous NFAs have often selected papers, formed sessions and then asked authors of the selected papers to be Session Chairs and Discussants for the other papers in the sessions. Thus, many people were required to wear two hats and other well-qualified people were not given the chance to participate. Since NFA 2014, a variety of steps were taken to minimize the chance of anyone wearing more than one hat on the program.

We are working to get more people involved with the NFA.

Discussants and Session Chairs

We are working to maximize participation opportunities in the conference, so corresponding authors of accepted papers will generally not be asked to discuss papers. Instead, we will select discussants and session chairs from our list of NFA contacts, which includes NFA 5-Year Members, reviewers, current authors and prior authors.

Five-Year Memberships

We offer 1-year, 3-year and 5-year NFA memberships. The 5-year memberships have an annual cost that is twice the annual cost of the others, and they represent an understanding of the enduring value of the NFA’s work by the member. Accordingly, we regard the 5-year members as fertile ground when we look for Session Chairs and Discussants. Our Membership page is here.

Sponsors and Exhibitors

Several universities have sponsored the NFA with $5000 donations because they understand the value that the NFA provides to the profession. For more information, see our Sponsors page. University Gold Sponsors have provided capital to the NFA.

We also invite Annual Sponsors to assist us in underwriting the cost of a meal, or the NFA Conference in general. We acknowledge these sponsorships on our website, in our program, and at the event they sponsor.

We have space for Exhibitors to meet our conference participants and to advertise their products and activities.

For more information on Annual Sponsorships and Exhibition, please contact