Nominations for the NFA Board of Directors

The NFA Articles of Incorporation specify a Board with 4 to 10 members. The NFA Bylaws state:

“The incumbent board normally proposes a slate of names for the election of directors to stand for election by the membership to fill vacant positions. In addition, subject to the Regulations under the Act, the board also accepts nominations from the broad membership, and any proposal submitted at least 30 days prior to the annual members’ meeting may include nominations for the election of directors if the proposal is signed by not less than 5 members entitled to vote at the meeting at which the proposal is to be presented.”

The Bylaws also specify that Directors are elected for terms of one or two years. Our Articles of Incorporation specify that we must have 4 to 10 Board Members.

The board normally proposes a slate of candidates for the members to consider for election. These nominees will be posted on the NFA web site in advance of the annual general meeting. (Candidates for the upcoming election would appear below if the annual general meeting is approaching.)

Separately from the nominees proposed by the board, NFA Members may also nominate Members for these positions at least 30 days before the Annual General Meeting. Please use this form for the nomination, as it provides for information that we can post on the website to support the nominee. It also requires the signatures of 5 nominating members. The form can be scanned and emailed to the board member currently serving as Secretary. (The names of such candidates would also be posted below, once nomination documentation has been received and confirmed.)