NFA 2014 Conference Registration

New Low Fees

The NFA Board proudly announces a new lower fees than in recent conferences, even though we will be offering the same food and other conference amenities. This is the first NFA Conference to be run under the newly incorporated NFA structure. We have been able to lower our fees with the following changes:

  • We have retained old Annual Conference Sponsors and added new ones.
  • We have sufficient capital from university Gold Sponsor donations and from the sale of 5-year Memberships to absorb losses. This allows us to budget for a break-even conference, without the need for a profit cushion to absorb risk.
  • We are making extensive use of volunteers to replace staff expenditures that have been incurred by recent conferences.

Conference Fees and Memberships

Participants at the NFA 2014 Conference must be NFA members, although the registered Guests they bring need not be members.

One-year memberships are $50 (not taxable), although longer terms are also available.

Conference Participants, including Students, are allowed to attend all of the conference sessions, and are also entitled to:

  • Friday Reception
  • Saturday and Sunday Breakfast
  • Saturday morning & afternoon, and Sunday morning Refreshment Breaks
  • Sunday Luncheon and Annual General Meeting
  • Saturday Dinner

Guests of Participants and Students are entitled to:

  • Friday Reception
  • Saturday Dinner

Late Registration (on or after June 17, 2014)

  • Conference Participant $340 plus 13% HST
  • Student $250 plus 13% HST
  • Guest $100 plus 13% HST


  • Membership fees are not refundable.
  • No refunds will be issued for requests made after August 12, 2014.
  • Conference Registration fees are refundable, prior to August 12, subject to a $75 holdback.

Registration Process

Two Steps for Non-members

If you are not an NFA member, you must first purchase a membership on our Wild Apricot page, by clicking on the “Join Us” link. This gives you Member Login privileges. Unfortunately, we need human intervention after you buy a membership to enable you to log in as a member and pay your registration fee. Please be patient to allow this step to happen, especially on weekends.

One Step for Members

If you are a member, you must Login as a Member on our Wild Apricot page, click on Events and register for the Conference, paying the fees, as noted above. If you forget your Login details, there is a “Forgot Password” link.